erykah badu’s pussy

isn’t any of my business.

it’s not any of yours.

it’s not any of anyone’s except her, the babies that have and will come out of it, her coochie doctor, and whomever she’s sleeping with.

no matter if it’s wilford brimley, common, all of new edition, the current president . . . IT DOESN’T MATTER.

you aren’t paying any of her bills
what you eat doesn’t make her shit
shut the fuck up
and quit hatin.

absolute teetotal truth: esthero.

here’s the original blog post. she’s dead on. more ppl need to read this.

for aj.

via the trantasia flickr album:

dear andre 3000:

i know you said you were tired of rapping.
but, you have lain to waste every single song you’ve appeared on between the release of idlewild in 2006 & all your guest spots & class of 3000, vol. 1 album. do you think that maybe, just maybe i could get to see you on tour sometime up close & personal before i die? you don’t have to do any big outkast tour. it could be you just showing up at a big boi / purple ribbon show. somethin. maybe the next time i catch an esthero show, you’ll pop up. or something like that. i’m not asking for a whole lot, man. i swear. i just need to witness your gloriousness in person. i won’t try to snatch you off the stage. i won’t try to get backstage and get pregnant by you. i really won’t. i just need you on stage while i’m screaming/ singing my head off. really. it won’t hurt. i promise it won’t. please.



my new online obsession

(aside from a seriously nasty e-shopping habit)

is black (or ‘urban’) celebrity gossip sites. the biting commentary is so entertaining to me. like, yeah i could be using the net as a tool to further my life (give it up one time for, but no! i’m fuckin around on youtube & reading some of the absolute funniest (& meanest) tales of the tragically famous.

my picks:

crunk & disorderly

the fury

young black & fabulous

. . . that’s all you really need. i’ll probably have 549 new sites to love by this time next month. but i’m starting off small. lol.