you can’t stop my go!

so, i love mos def’s “casa bey” to pieces. in this clip below, mos breaks down the meaning of the song to him:

& here’s the song itself, probably one of my top 5 mos songs ever.

welcome to soulville!

this isn’t just some party. it’s an experience.

you should be here.

you should be here.

all vinyl. all good. great atmosphere, soul food kitchen, & toodopegirls will be in the place. do the electric slide with us, if the need arises. buy a drank or two. show some love.
it’s real simple. ┬ácome through!

black music friday! part two.

today’s theme: live performances.

I LOVE FERTILE GROUND. period. point blank. one of the best live shows you’ll ever, ever, ever see in your LIFE.

fertile ground, “be natural”

i really had to struggle with finding just one clip of the roots. “water” is one of my most favorite songs of theirs & i’ve not had the pleasure of seeing them do this live more than twice, so this is a real pleasure to see. probably your favorite band’s favorite band. these men work hard as shit. philly. always.

faith evans, “come over”. her first album is still a banger. get familiar. (the video is bad, the audio is not great, but still!!!)

really random. chaka khan & kelly price, singing “through the fire.” again, lots of clips of chaka to choose from. & i love kelly’s voice too much not to share. awesome.

ledisi!!! “in the morning”. crushing the game. killing you hoes. & not softly, either.

lizz wright. “walk with me, lord”. LOVE. HER.

also, ms. wright sings “salt”. this is the jam.

i could go on forever. but, clearly, i’ve gone forth & gotten really excited. lol. enjoy your friday! may the music move you in a good direction.

it’s black music month!

so, every friday in june i’ll be sharing some musical goodness with y’all.

philly style:

jazmine sullivan, “in love with another man”

boyz ii men, “please don’t go”

patti labelle, “you’ll never walk alone”

bunny sigler, “keep smilin'”