i love | i need | i want

(stole this post idea from teeteezie, whom i lurv & really do not talk to enough)


prince of peace honey ginger crystals. holy hell, this has gotta be the BEST ginger tea yet. i know they sell it at whole foods & random around-the-way health food spots. yes, the main ingredient is cane sugar, but SO WHAT? the ginger is strong in this, son.


more essential oils. so i can make salts, fizzies, and other delicious items. i’m out of lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, sweet orange (but blood orange is on the way) & peppermint. those are all crucial to what i do. if you wanna contribute, leave a comment. we can work som’n out. aight? aight.

* i also need someone to pay my rent. but that’s some shit i can do and AM doing myself. which is why i need more essential oils.


(really badly)

naturalizer kingsley wedges. i’ve had my eyes on them for a hot minute now (since there was still snow on the ground) & i LOVE them. in brown. black, too, actually. heh.

maybe it’ll happen. soon.

this shit here is ridiculous.

thanks dennis for sharing this movie review with me. it’s happy feet, not the passion of the christ or something. sheesh. i get worried when ppl pick on childrens’ films like that.

i’ll be back to discuss this after work.

this was just gonna be a post about la india.

but now it’s a full-out salsa fest. lol!

la india, “seduceme” live:

dlg (dark latin groove), “la quiero a morir,” one of my favorite songs of all time:

yes. i know.

there isn’t really a way to make it sound fancy

i’m about to go all the way in(to him)
there’s very little reason for me to say no
& i think he agrees.

this is real amazin,
cuz about 3 weeks ago i was real low. feelin mighty bad like sofia in the color purple. flailing about, trying to reach something that i wasn’t even certain existed.
… now, here i am.

though it’s technically the day after

happy birthday to the only other person i know on earth who wears my name on her birth certificate.
i hope we’re still homies when you’re turning fifty-seven. lol.
may the abundance, ecstasy & bliss of life always be within your reach. you most certainly are your own superstar. keep it up. i’m proud as hell to call you a friend.

i thought about it long and hard today.

i’d like to say that i extended myself to you. i’d like to say that i broke my neck to give you the part of me that i know you should have, by virtue of the nature of our relationship. alas, i cannot; i feel that there’s nothing to say for either of us. there is nothing i feel, no sentiment other than the one i can categorize as overall uncaring. blankness.
it’s as simple as not knowing how to respond to the inaction and well-demonstrated apathy of someone whom i expected to do/ be/ act better.

this post is a placeholder until i can finish (or re-write) what i wanna put here. it’s about two ppl whose behaviors have really done a lot to change the way i think & feel about my connectedness to ppl around me.

i still have those moments sometimes

where i wish my breasts were larger, my skin a different (deeper) shade of brown, & that the width of my feet were less.
there’s nothing wrong with me, i know
but it feels like i haven’t grown all the way into myself today.
i hope to.
i want to.
one foot in front of the other
eyes open
looking fwd.
i’ll get there.

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