peace, be still.

as i sort things out during this latest phase of my life, i find it necessary to take steps back from certain things. the blog seems to always be the thing that suffers. i’m working on that not being the case.
i’ve been doing a lot of reflecting that doesn’t necessarily involve this blog. that’s good for me, not-so-good if you read my blog regularly and want to know what’s going on w/ me. i’m . . . here. not blogging regularly. it happens.
i’ll be back.
more intersted in writing here. one day.

i love | i need | i want

i love:
cardigans. long ones, short ones, shawl cardigans, boyfriend cardigans . . . it matters not. i love them. nothing says “funky librarian” the way a cardigan does! especially in colors i love.

sweaters galore!
sweaters galore! by dopegirlfresh featuring Old Navy

i need: tights!

tights! by dopegirlfresh featuring We Love Colors tights

i want: a badass, too big, super sparkly necklace. something w/ too many fucking sequins, and maybe some rhinestones. like either of these from anthropologie.

(i linked them because — surprise — wordpress is not allowing me to be great. whatever.)

you can’t stop my go!

so, i love mos def’s “casa bey” to pieces. in this clip below, mos breaks down the meaning of the song to him:

& here’s the song itself, probably one of my top 5 mos songs ever.

i am made of love.

treat me that way.


full moon gratitude.

free concert tickets
mediterranean food
cuties who give great hugs
quality couch time w/ good friends
yuengling lager
old friends
new friends
the healing properties of tears
revolutionary love
free laundry
purple nail polish
gold nail polish
sugar scrub
& the music of fertile ground.