file this one under f.

for massive fail as well as fuckery deluxe.


nkotb & new edition? i quit. just cuz they’re from boston and maurice starr managed them, it doesn’t mean this shit needed to happen. it’s painful. noooooooo, lawd, WHY?

i tried sooooo hard

to avoid reality tv. no flavor of love, no i love new york, i refuse to look at celebrity fit club or college hill. but you know what? i’ve been had, my sweet babies. felled by the most preposterous reality show yet: ego trip’s miss rap supreme. this is like making the band meets the bad girls’ club, pressed down & shaken together about 12 times. good god. it’s more drama than i care to even associate with on a regular basis.
but mc serch and yo-yo? at the same time? in the same place? giving pointers to women who think themselves the next trina, lil’ kim, foxy brown, or . . . khia? it’s the perfect formula for absolute foolishness. so, i watch it.

my other favorite is viva hollywood, the telenovela star search. i can’t even begin to tell y’all how thankful i was to see that they have a slapping-across-the-face challenge. YES. sweet! and charo is involved. what more could a girl ask for?!

last night

was a breath of fresh god. i laughed, ate, drank, loved, played, & generally enjoyed ppl w/ whom i love to commune. i mean, wow. i really had fun.

i need to get yani & foster their own tv show.

karas, thank you SO much for opening your home to us
we’ll celebrate extra hard when you c-walk down the aisle in may next year
i love you for being your generous, wild self
next time you need a box of jeezis aych, holla @ your girl


damn, damn, damn, james!

tay zonday is at it again.

mos def, watch your back
black thought, get ready . . .

cuz this motherfucker is rapping, now.

we’re all in trouble.

this negro has lost his fucking mind, once & for all.

y’all know i’m talkin about arruh kelly, right? trapped in the closet chapter 13, in just enough time for his kiddie porn charges to go to trial.

the “oh, shit” thing is priceless.

this time, insanity is funny.

(links courtesy of crunk & disorderly)

** addendum**

ladies & gentlemen, i present to you the zoo, in all its ridiculousness. unfortunately this isn’t a whole performance, but y’all get the gist.

omi, i love you

but i am going to have to fight you for introducing me to tay zonday & his special brand of music. wow. like . . . wtf? no, really. i am DYING over here looking at chocolate rain. god. whaaaaat? & he sang the rainbow connection. this shit . . . man, i don’t even know. it drove me to drink. no lie.

oh, my damn.

samwell has a new video. awwwww, shit! i didn’t even know! are you ready? are you? get ready, dulces, for “shoes r on fire.” pepsi keep me near the cross!!! (that’s an inside joke which i will explain at another time) i don’t know how i missed this.

& if you don’t actually know WHO samwell is or what the deal is w/ him, you have to begin at the beginning, with “what what (in the butt)”. . . it’s a classic! lol.

but wait.
i was fuckin around, tryna find some footage of jc chasez (i love that man’s voice) & found this: dale goldboldo, jc, timberlake, & ryan mollyfockin GOSLING singing jodeci’s “cry for you.” they are even DRESSED like jodeci or shai or something.
jc i still love you, even if that was fully contrived.