i tried sooooo hard

to avoid reality tv. no flavor of love, no i love new york, i refuse to look at celebrity fit club or college hill. but you know what? i’ve been had, my sweet babies. felled by the most preposterous reality show yet: ego trip’s miss rap supreme. this is like making the band meets the bad girls’ club, pressed down & shaken together about 12 times. good god. it’s more drama than i care to even associate with on a regular basis.
but mc serch and yo-yo? at the same time? in the same place? giving pointers to women who think themselves the next trina, lil’ kim, foxy brown, or . . . khia? it’s the perfect formula for absolute foolishness. so, i watch it.

my other favorite is viva hollywood, the telenovela star search. i can’t even begin to tell y’all how thankful i was to see that they have a slapping-across-the-face challenge. YES. sweet! and charo is involved. what more could a girl ask for?!

oh, wow!

angela bofill.
i try.


i’m too through.
i almost called my mom & woke her up out of her sleep for this one.

(doesn’t she look like one of those paintings of yemaya or ochun? lol)

this was just gonna be a post about la india.

but now it’s a full-out salsa fest. lol!

la india, “seduceme” live:

dlg (dark latin groove), “la quiero a morir,” one of my favorite songs of all time:

yes. i know.