grow up pretty. get a good man.

do something about that skin
try to find a style that makes your hair grow long and pretty
don’t get seconds on that, you know you need to lose weight
sit with your legs closed, especially in skirts and dresses
learn how to walk in high heels
there are nice boys at church
if you never stop sucking your thumb how are you ever gonna smile pretty?
don’t be so aggressive
you talk too loud
why are you always talking?
don’t correct people, it makes them feel inferior
you should wear more dresses
you need a girdle
we aren’t the kind of family that advocates that; we’re christians
why didn’t you just finish college?
you’re too smart to be anywhere except school
okay, when are you gonna have babies?
why are you living there?
what’s that food you’re eating?
when are you going back to school?
you don’t live here, you can’t do that
you can’t afford that, can you?
why would you spend $12 on breakfast? you too good for the cart or mcdonald’s?
i didn’t know you spoke spanish, you just be spittin that shit like [unintelligible]
can you tell me where to find a poetry reading? why not?
why don’t you smile more?
girls don’t dance with girls around here, no matter what
no, i know what you’re trying to do
my mom said you’re not as cute as you think you are
do you sing? why don’t you sing something?
why do you always have to be right?
why don’t you fight back?
why don’t you have a man?
are you gay?
_____ is weird; you probably know him/ her.
turn the music down, nobody wants to hear that foreign shit.
who ever told you that you can have whatever you want just because you want it?
do you and your sisters really all have the same father?
why are you so preachy?
you can make money being a doula/ midwife/ crafter?
you’re high maintenance
you’re weird
you’re spoiled
you must come from money w/ an attitude like that, cuz if you don’t . . .
i don’t know where you get these airs from
why do you switch so hard when you walk?
you know you want this dick, girl
i’ma pray that god changes your mind about that
happy birthday (via text, when i call you all the time)
you sure you gonna wear that?
you always got some weird — no, i’m sorry, different — shit on
you talk in circles. all women do, actually
you use your feelings to navigate the world; that’s illogical
don’t do that, that’s not what nice girls do
what do you mean you don’t believe in jesus?
you gave up on moving to new york, didn’t you?
get outta here w/ that boho shit
you don’t know a good thing when you see it
what made you think you could fuck him too?
i mean, you could be my girl if you . . .
oh, no, we’re not exclusive . . . where’d you get that from?
you’re trippin, this could never happen
why aren’t you writing?
what are you writing about?
stop writing about me
you’re phony
you’ll never have a man
can’t you just be normal?
when can we expect payment?
you aren’t any different from anyone else, get that idea out of your head right now

this post is the result of attempting to empty my head of any and everything that’s ever stuck to me and made me feel like i’m not a divinely blessed being. may every last bit of it be removed from my mind and set free on the wind, never to return to me.

something that amazes me about life:

people really think that you’re spoiled if you ask for specifically what you want, & anticipate at least coming close to getting it. that worries me. why am i spoiled just because i’m trying to make some things happen for myself, things that i want/ need/ desire? that makes zero sense to me. i don’t care if i want thigh-high socks from american apparel or a damn mosaic made from recycled glass . . . if i want it, & i can make it so, i’m going to make sure i have it. peace of mind, a happy family, new sneakers, a meal at brasserie perrier . . . whatever the fuck i want. i’m not saying that just because i want something it should be so. i’m saying that if i’m working toward something, or creating the conditions for something to happen/ come into my possession, why on earth shouldn’t i expect it to be so?

i just don’t get it. maybe gratification is something i’m only supposed to believe in if it’s delayed (ie the idea of heaven being far away as presented by the big three). i don’t feel that way. i think that’s a dumb idea. there is pleasure here. there is bliss here. there are blessings here. there is satisfaction right here. of course, we suffer. but some of the pain we experience can be alleviated or removed altogether by the same hands we use to create it. the widespread misery of humankind, to me, cannot be defined simply as god’s will. i mean, do human beings not have their own will? do people not possess the ability to recognize wrongdoing/ suffering & then do something about it? however small, you can make an effort.

maybe the easiest thing to do is to lie down & take it. that is, pray for whatever & fail to put forth any effort. but in that book some of y’all rely on exclusively, the bible? i’m pretty sure that somewhere in there it says that faith without works is dead. so . . . like i said to R the other night, being religious is easy. it’s being a person of faith that’s hard.

so, i said all that to say this: have what you want. be balanced enough to see what work you’ve got to do to achieve it. it’s that much sweeter when you get your blessings here, now.