it’s too hot to blog

i don’t want this hot ass machine in my lap, so i’m not writing much. lol.

i’m on hiatus until further notice.

my new favorite song.

leaving it all behind, by ladybug mecca.
yes, that ladybug mecca.

love it. it reflects just how i feel about 75% of my life right now.
take the link & run with it! it expires after 15 consecutive days of no download, so, please get your mind right. lol.

for the first time in like a week, i’m late to work. but i had to shower before leaving the house. lol.

in case you’re not on my

facebook or myspace:

here’s a shitty (and rather large!) cell phone pic of my sexy back . . . & my first ever tattoo. meaning/ significance can be found here. now i’m off to work in this nasty weather. adios.

another obligatory heat related post:

bill went away at 8:38:29 PM.
bill (8:59:06 PM): MUTHAFUCKA IT’S HOT!
bill returned at 8:59:22 PM.
bill (9:01:04 PM): oooh
bill (9:01:08 PM): law & order
bill went away at 9:02:05 PM.

apparently, the man’s brain has been fried by the heat. lmao.

mp3 of the week:

flirtatious, by carol riddick.

the album as a whole isn’t particularly my favorite. the arrangements are good, the lyrics aren’t by any means mind blowing. but i love her live performances & there are some songs that i really love. if you get a chance to see her, do it. this is probably my favorite song on the whole album . . . a real summer song. she’s a philadelphian who kicks ass at what she does & therefore the sista is worthy of my support.


it’s the fuck hot outside.

(aka: the obligatory heat wave post)

so what if i have an air conditioner w/ a 2nd one on its way?
& who cares if i drink an obscene amount of water anyhow & am far from dehydration?

i don’t like sweating unnecessarily. if i’m working out, fine. if i’m screwing, GREAT. but lying in bed? noooooo.

the good thing is that the weather has inspired me to do a bit of fasting. so this week it’s no meat, no eggs, no cheese. mostly fruits and liquids. i had some hummus for dinner & a modified version of the pb & jam smoothie that i make… next time it’ll be w/ unsweetened almond milk, no honey, and probably more pb for protein. but whatever. it kept me from gnawing my own arm off last night.

i already feel better.

except for the sweat.

bklyn discoveries:

– the city is easier to handle in sneakers. real workout kinda sneakers. nike shox stand up.

– white boys get it IN when it comes to tattoos. the body is a canvas to them. period.

– it pays to be able to stick all my shit in one bag and walk around w/ it.

– bed stuy can be as magical as it can be tragic.

– bay ridge is slept on really hard.

– the goodness of a frozen mojito is wonderous.

– malik yoba really is that fucking fine in person. & he is a spiffy dresser.

– nobody ever expects me to speak spanish… but in new york they’re less likely to assume that i don’t.

– drinks don’t taste better because they’re free, but they’re still tasty as shit.

– the swagger that comes from having a secret reason to smile is priceless.

– pathmark is overpriced every where you go.

– old navy is fuckin up.

i had a great weekend.

pics soon come…

summer songs.

(this is the first of many, many, many. lol.)

“angel of the night” – angela bofill

“ghetto children” – kelis (featuring pharrell & that dude from az yet, the dummy who made the “15 minutes” song)

“fever (featuring zeno)” – platinum pied pipers

“another star” – stevie wonder

“naima’s love song (dj spinna remix)” – betty carter (from verve remixed 2)

“right back to you” – eric roberson

“flirtatious” – carol riddick

“let’s stay together (featuring pharrell)” – cee-lo

“heat” – common

“o.g. bitch (speakeasy mix)” – esthero

“summer sun” – koop

“i got you” – platinum pied pipers featuring tiombe lockhart

“no more” – j*davey

“believe it now (featuring muhsinah)” – dj roddy rod

“ms. fat booty” – mos def

“international players anthem (featuring outkast)” – ugk

that’s it for now. a sista is late to work. again. lol.