i am sean bell.

i got this video from jo, via a post at dawson’s ink. i give thanks for stacey muhammad’s project. i’m really quite speechless. teach the babies. save them. save us. & please share this video. peace.

i don’t think it’s okay

that i went all the way to 140th and brook to find the best peaches i’ve had all season, probably in years.

but i had a wonderful day.

oh, the myriad ways in which it all comes together.

aka things i’m gonna blog about when i get the time (instead of as i’m preparing to go back to work from a really delicious 5 day weekend):

– the violence against black/ poor/ brown/ otherwise marginalized (more than usual) women. inspired by loving pecola’s loss of a loved one, the losses of san-dee, asia, latoiya, shannon & maria lauterbach… & more recently felicia mickels.

which is tied into:
– the michael nutter thing (again). i’m gonna finish what i posted a few days ago, after i really give it the old college (dropout) try. i want to organize my thoughts fully.

which has something to do with:

– my most recent visit to nyc

– the parallel ways in which my mom & i are growing up

… there’s more, but your girl is already late to work.

so i finally got some big ass sunglasses.


that meant i had to play around w/ the camera phone. y’all know me.

^ wasting my life force, waiting for the a train after brunch w/ atlanta

my hair was on its own that morning. lmao. but the glasses are fly to me. forever 21 is really the spot. ;)

when i wrote that i’d update on monday

i was lying.

because i am too gotdamn tired to even think about recounting the whole trip.

i’ll get w/ y’all on the retro tip as soon as i can get my thoughts together. first, i need food, sleep, a bath & some prayer.