i’ve been journaling a bit.

so i’m kind of on blog hiatus.

getting back into crochet, maybe so i can do something other than scarves. (word to butta.fly wears, i may finally learn to make a crown!)

working on other stuff that will allow a pared down version of that imaginary resignation letter to stand as an official, all-the-way-live kiss off.

relaunched the bliss project, & damn happy about it.

basically lining the ducks up so that when i go into winter, i’m free to really work with my own rhythms.

i’m right where i need to be.

i suppose that this constitutes a countdown.

october 7.
you have been warned.

and now, onto my wishlist:

a 120 gig ipod classic. black. with dope girl fresh engraved on it.

a day of total leisure, doing what i feel like doing

a new tattoo*

perfectly arched eyebrows

pocket money


the perfect pair of jeans

a delicious plate of awesome food (paging tia clara! i’d like some mole, pleeeaaaaaase)

birthday serenades

birthday cards hand-made with glitter and tempura and other preschool sort of things

a chocolate cupcake with hazelnut-praline icing from flying monkey patisserie

a day free of unnecessary fuckery

a great big old bottle of malbec

a manicure and pedicure

a great big old sloppy wet kiss from my favorite baby

an ear cuff made of copper and peacock feathers

a happy birthday for each person under my sun sign (insert libra dance here), especially my cousin crystal, dia, malaika, mel, jess, amal, lauren and that dj guy

a few spectacular orgasms

bliss, bliss, bliss

a really lovely dinner date

and for the crush i dreamt of the other night to, like, make a move

* a fly henna tattoo will be an acceptable substitute for a new permanent tat.

self love blog #1

mi cara.
my face.
the mug.

i finally learned to love this face of mine
after 27.9 years of wondering why i didn’t have a “more black” nose or fuller lips like my mom

after learning late in the game that there’s nothing better than fly spectacles

i look like the moon, lol
and that’s kinda dope.

things i know to be true about myself:

i make delicious collard greens
i have spectacular phone manners
i talk to my plants, and they like it
i know how to put together an ensemble
i am way too great a dancer to sit still
i am smarter than most ppl i know
i am love
i am a healer and always have been
i have the best inside jokes with myself
i am one crafty bitch
my mixology skills are legendary
i have kickass taste in just about everything
i don’t have to take my clothes off to have a good time
i can hold my liquor really well
i always smell wonderful
i allow my moments of brilliance to take me where they will
i am an excellent traveler

swagger jacked

from the butch caucus
(it wouldn’t let me customize the title i wanted, so i chose ninja instead of typing in “boocakes,” “jawn,” or “jumpoff”)

come be my boocakes!

and you know i’m dead ass serious, right?

i love me some damn leg warmers.

i mean, like . . . they are so effing great! & in the winter when i feel like rocking a skirt, they save my calves every time. behold:

(those are also my favorite sneakers. pink & black tweed nike blazers)

the purple ones i LOVE, too:

don’t hate. it’s futile.


this whole process is, indeed, addictive. permanent adornment is kinda fantastic.

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