so i finally got some big ass sunglasses.


that meant i had to play around w/ the camera phone. y’all know me.

^ wasting my life force, waiting for the a train after brunch w/ atlanta

my hair was on its own that morning. lmao. but the glasses are fly to me. forever 21 is really the spot. ;)


i’ve never been one to do a lot of red. i always thought big girls ought not rock colors that bright; i always used to want to be left alone, to my own devices & business without drawing attn to myself. i already stood out physically. why add to it?
then one day when i was in high school my grandmother, mother & i were in the jc penney outlet. & there was this shirt i wanted. i loved it. i wanted it in navy, but it only came in red. with simple white piping around the collar. my concession, since momzie & mommy thought it looked so nice was, well, to get it in a 3x (just for the record, no part of my body has ever been a 3x ANYTHING, even at my heaviest). so i had this tent-like shirt. it was part of my “going away to college” arsenal. so, i only wore it when everything else was dirty. because it was red. & my simple ass didn’t realize that more fabric = bigger clothing = more attention.

as i’ve aged, i have more or less stayed away from brights. red, green . . . as accent colors only. i have print clothing that tends to be on the docile side (w/ the exception of a cocktail dress here & there). . . & the only bright i ever really stuck with was bright pink.

then i found out that i’m omo sango. his colors are red + white. when olaomi told me that i was like “dangit. that means i’ma HAVE to wear red at some point or another. i don’t do red.” i kinda panicked. red hair is one thing (auburn is my summer color of choice), but red clothing? eh . . .

but i’m getting better. tryna grow into who i am. baba’s got me. yeye & my ancestors have got me. most importantly, my ori is doin its thing. i even own a red dress(!!!)

at 26, my first red manicure. hmm. i kinda like it.

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somma y’all need

to hire your girl as a stylist.

see, i was online bustin it up w/ my good buddy fredara the great & she was like, “i gotta figure out what to wear to this wedding.” so, being who i am, i asked her what color she wanted, & if she was into tea length dresses/ skirts.

next thing i know, i’m on ogling this lil beauty.
then i decided that she needed some peacock feather accessories from j. jewels, a gold clutch & gold shoes. fortunately for me, that’s just what fredara was thinking about.

but the point is, i think i could really pull the stylist thing off
not because i’m more fashionable than anyone else, or because i’ve got more swagger or anything like that.

but because i pay attention to folks. everyone likes to be accomodated. but let me not give away my secrets. cuz i’m tryna make some money while shopping for others.

gratitude #5

sagacious friends & associates

always-on-time direct deposit

bare traps brand footwear


fiscal year pay increases

my own ingenuity

long standing friendships

glaceau & their wonderful beverages

j. jewels

the proximity of philadelphia to new york, dc, baltimore, & the jersey shore





cayenne pepper

my sistren who hold me up when my legs won’t do the job

ross, the mecca of reduced-price shopping

dusty record crates


jill scott


honey peanut butter

mama sunnie

back rubs


nivea creme

summer street festivals/ cultural events

beans n rice

manicures & pedicures

reversible anything

loop nyc/ parcel bags

shimmery hot pink nail polish


jersey knit bed linens

hands that like to touch me



my womb

tension tamer tea


oludumare mi

yeye mi

baba mi

egungun mi, known & unknown

the deep awo of my own abilities


knowing when to back off

eric roberson

giant trash bags

clean towels

drop-off service @ the laundromat

knowing my own pace

. . . my blessings do not come from this job. they come from the goodness i create around myself.

i am thankful every day. i will demonstrate my gratitude at every given opportunity. ashé.

i love | i need | i want



trader joe’s macaroni & cheese. yes, i am dairy sensitive & bordering on intolerant (HI, BILL!). no, it’s not healthy to eat a whole tray of this shit. but i’m pmsing, and i’ve been really good about my dairy/ starch intake lately. my secret weapon: a sprinkle of garlic powder on it before i mix it up. good god. most creamy, coma-inducing food to yet come out of the crackhouse that my good buddy jill refers to simply as “the joe’s.” just . . . don’t get mad at me if you start tweakin off tj’s mac & cheese, okay? all i can do for you is offer to eat the macaroni to allow you the chance to recover.


new balance wr873s.
i need new workout (running/ walking/ traipsing through nyc or philly) kicks. i genuinely believe that these are the ones i need most of all. aside from the fact that the colors are kickass, these’ll do everything i need them to. i’m gonna be outdoors mostly, not on a treadmill or elliptical . . . & to top it all off, they’re blue and coral. what’s fuckin w/ that? honestly. my alternate pair: the w809. but them shits aren’t as fashion-forward color wise. lol.


a new dress, or three. these are my top choices (right now, because i haven’t seen what old navy’s got), from i want to have enough dresses in my wardrobe that even in the dead of winter, i’m straight stylin on motherfuckers. besides, any one of these would go damn well w/ the naturalizer kingsleys from last week’s love | need | want post. even though the first dress needs an emergency ugly belt-ectomy. i’ll find some fabric for that lil thang SO quick . . . plus #18 on my 43things list says very clearly that i want to buy a new sexy bitch dress.

my new e-crush

is heather armstrong, of she is hilarious & sounds like someone i’d love to sit down and talk shit with over a cup of something intoxicating. i found the link on atlanta’s blog. i giggled heartily at heather’s biography & find her writing style to be overall enjoyable. cute. snarky. not unlike myself.

i was gonna spend some time bitching about how my whole outfit today (minus the undies) is from damn old navy. because there’s one right near my job & they have the ill clearance rack AND plus-sized clothes that don’t look supercheap, matronly, or otherwise bad on me. even though their shit is cut funny, i have a good time overall w/ my sweatshop threads from that place. then i was gonna start bitching about how they’re moving all the plus-sized clothes to the online store and no longer carrying them shits in-store. that is depressing, insulting, and hella inconvenient. i can’t tool about in the internet on my lunch break. i can’t try on clothes when i’m bored via my laptop. BOO, old navy. shame on you. this is worse than when h&m got rid of their plus clothes and acted like broads weren’t buying the shit. *sigh*
it doesn’t matter cuz btwn the IBS & my possible gluten sensitivity, i’m finna be on kelly price status: i’ll drop crazy weight & then the only thing still huge on me will be my arse. lol.

anyway, i gotta go to work.

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