new food post!

over at delicious ignorance. mmmmm, fooood.

read it. try it. love it.

it’s the fuck hot outside.

(aka: the obligatory heat wave post)

so what if i have an air conditioner w/ a 2nd one on its way?
& who cares if i drink an obscene amount of water anyhow & am far from dehydration?

i don’t like sweating unnecessarily. if i’m working out, fine. if i’m screwing, GREAT. but lying in bed? noooooo.

the good thing is that the weather has inspired me to do a bit of fasting. so this week it’s no meat, no eggs, no cheese. mostly fruits and liquids. i had some hummus for dinner & a modified version of the pb & jam smoothie that i make… next time it’ll be w/ unsweetened almond milk, no honey, and probably more pb for protein. but whatever. it kept me from gnawing my own arm off last night.

i already feel better.

except for the sweat.

i love | i need | i want



trader joe’s macaroni & cheese. yes, i am dairy sensitive & bordering on intolerant (HI, BILL!). no, it’s not healthy to eat a whole tray of this shit. but i’m pmsing, and i’ve been really good about my dairy/ starch intake lately. my secret weapon: a sprinkle of garlic powder on it before i mix it up. good god. most creamy, coma-inducing food to yet come out of the crackhouse that my good buddy jill refers to simply as “the joe’s.” just . . . don’t get mad at me if you start tweakin off tj’s mac & cheese, okay? all i can do for you is offer to eat the macaroni to allow you the chance to recover.


new balance wr873s.
i need new workout (running/ walking/ traipsing through nyc or philly) kicks. i genuinely believe that these are the ones i need most of all. aside from the fact that the colors are kickass, these’ll do everything i need them to. i’m gonna be outdoors mostly, not on a treadmill or elliptical . . . & to top it all off, they’re blue and coral. what’s fuckin w/ that? honestly. my alternate pair: the w809. but them shits aren’t as fashion-forward color wise. lol.


a new dress, or three. these are my top choices (right now, because i haven’t seen what old navy’s got), from i want to have enough dresses in my wardrobe that even in the dead of winter, i’m straight stylin on motherfuckers. besides, any one of these would go damn well w/ the naturalizer kingsleys from last week’s love | need | want post. even though the first dress needs an emergency ugly belt-ectomy. i’ll find some fabric for that lil thang SO quick . . . plus #18 on my 43things list says very clearly that i want to buy a new sexy bitch dress.

i hope it’s better today.

primarily because i figured out part of why i’m having these ridiculously super fking emo moments. i think i’m allergic to soy. that is, the extra estrogen in soy is messing with me. i’ve been killing boca burgers, tempeh + baked tofu for the past few weeks. no more. quorn, you’re about to get all my money. special trips to whole foods. greeeeaaat.

whatever. my health is important enough that i’ll abide by whatever dietary laws i need to.