i don’t know why

but every day it’s getting harder to fight the bile i feel building up inside me regarding the vast majority of bullshit i’m exposed to daily.
i can’t change septa’s ridership, what they read or listen to, or what they eat.
but i rally as much as possible against the madness at my job. every time someone says something ignorant, i have to brace myself & then correct them
whether they’re fucking up someone’s name (major pet peeve of mine) or making a rude statement about someone’s name (ie the dude named olayemi who goes by ‘ben’ b/c his middle name, benedict, is easier for crass english speakers who also happen to be lazy, or the stankness associated w/ addressing one of the indian women who’re administrators), i’m willing at least 7 out of 10 times to dig in someone’s ass.

i know, that seems kinda futile considering where i work & the adherence of my colleagues to overall assholish behaviours. but i can’t help it.
it’s tiring as hell, i will say that much.

i don’t even know if i sleep better at night knowing i’m a good fight fanatic.


guess i’ll find out if i make some sort of impact on those folks.