Cramming to Understand

Now, good people of The Innanets, I’m an artist.  And, as such, I am not only sensitive about my shit but I am sensitive about other folks’ shit. The good, the bad, the wtf . . . I try my best, no matter what, to give everyone room.  Even when Kanye’s giving me naked emperor vibes. Despite my disdain for some folks’ singing voices, or vocals that don’t quite fit the song the way I’d personally like (see: “Still,” by Macy Gray), I will at least smile and nod.   Everything isn’t for everyone.

This also applies to visual media. Paintings, photographs, sculpture, and tapestries all. Clothing, too, but y’all already know how I feel about the “different” styles, right? Right. But, my original point: I’m tryna reach an understanding about a  painting I happened to see whilst trolling the web for pics of one James Ambrose Johnson, Jr.   Now, I understand that everyone’s taste is not my taste. I understand that, as someone who doesn’t create visual art for anyone other than myself (I make collages that I will never share w/ the masses. Ever.), I might need to keep my mouth shut.

But, fuck that.

Cuz this shit right here is too much. Behold:

Yes, that's right . . . she put on a prom dress for this.


It’s called Mz. Thang and Rick James.  The comment section is open for whatever the fuck you all wanna say about this.

I really just don’t get it.

5 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. theincredibletangentman
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 12:47:13

    Where are my words??? I’ve lost them after seeing this!!!


  3. omi
    Oct 25, 2010 @ 15:39:48

    i LOVE the way you prefaced this. it made the painting even MORE ridiculous. tee hee.


  4. Dave
    Oct 26, 2010 @ 00:42:36

    I think i gain something from this and lose so much more after taking a glance at this “painting”. what made someone think up this one i’ll never know or want to know. Really WTF.


  5. AJ
    Nov 02, 2010 @ 01:20:13

    Wow…I can’t even form a sentence for this one.


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