dear potential future boocakes:

listen. i . . . i know i probably talk too fucking much. and i know that you might think i’m weird.  but i know you like me. because i just happen to know these things. so, if you wanna bake me cookies that’s fine. we have to work on some sort of dairy, egg, and soy-free kind (because that’s really the cookie i need in my life) and if you dare make me oatmeal cookies they’d ought to have craisins in them cuz raisins are just wrong. um. yeah. and i’ll make you iced tea, ginger limeade, and whatever else you want (within reason).  because i’m a doting kinda gal. i always felt like the gold star sticker was more important than getting the 100 on the spelling test, ya know?  let me be the good marshmallow in your hot chocolate; the garnish.  i’m that flourish in your signature that makes it slightly illegible but mostly fabulous. 

& also, potential future boocakes, you should really know that i’m not a huge fan of traditionally represented concept of  monogamy right  now. it feels confining, it feels like a social construct more than it does anything natural to me as a human being. i don’t much like the idea of being bound to one person indefinitely (or quote-unquote forever, the way that the marrieds tend to be).  so, if we start kicking it, understand that it’s not about any sort of loose-in-the-booty-ness on my part.  & i’m not out here doing any ho shit, either. i simply desire to deal with folk who understand where i am in this whole growing up thing. i feel very strongly that my consideration of polyamory is both a great thing for me and a potentially disastrous for you and any other potential future boocakes, depending on the kind of relationship you wish to have with me. we’ll take it one day at a time, though.  we’ll figure it out.

potential future boocakes, i know you are capable of being a great lover (or activity partner or cuddlejawn or whatever we make out of this thang).  i’d very much like the chance to explore that with you.  so, please remember that i am open. it would honor me so much for you to remain open, as well, to what’s out there.

(and by that, i mean willing to have rather serious makeout sessions and play scrabble with me while drinking lindeman’s lambic framboise, peche, kriek, cassis, or pomme)

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  1. titi_215
    Aug 02, 2009 @ 16:05:54

    LMAO! This was fabulous…simply fabulous! I wish I had the balls to speak so outright like you and still be feminine abt it! You tell a dude we not an item we’re jst fuckin…but you say it in such a nice, genuine, sassy kinda way. I can dig it. I think we’re in the same boat so I don’t feel so alone now…


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