no fancy way to say it.

i am simply tired of the shit i am surrounded with.
the entitlement-sparked intrusion by overgrown toddlers with full beards and pubic hair. i am sick and tired of having my confidence assaulted and chipped away at by this sick bullying disguised as health care. i do not believe in the innate “need” of women to be taken care of or give care to their male mates. it is my contention that crying babies should not be dismissed or shushed because holding them “spoils” them. i cannot allow myself to be convinced that my responsibility to the world is tied specifically to my having a functioning uterus. i will never, ever, ever find myself legitimizing the notion that just any old thing is better than nothing; this applies to food, shelter, and especially persons in my cipher. i do not subscribe to the idea that children (especially girls) have “no business,” no opinions worth considering, or no rights. i will never, ever, ever take lightly the implication that transgendered people are ever anything less than humans.

i could go on endlessly about the million and one ways in which i go against this grain, this current of hate and destruction, self loathing and miserable dichotomy. i won’t. i just had to get some of this shit off my chest.

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. ms. bliss honeycomb
    Oct 18, 2008 @ 12:58:00

    word. that’s what’s up.


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