oh, negro please.

(disclaimer: i really don’t trust black dudes w/ chemically processed hair as a general rule. but this motherfucker takes the cake.)

i present to you, lovely blog readers, michael warns who appears to be the leader of of a group called blacks against obama. some things i notice:

this man relies heavily on scripture to explain why obama’s not worthy of the vote.

the scriptures referenced paint a catastrophic picture of death, destruction, and general mayhem as the fault of some mystical satan woman named lilith (i’m presuming this is the lilith who was adam’s first wife)

the cover of michael’s book entitled satan revealed her name is lilith she is 33% of the black women in america contradicts the sidebar on the right side of the second index page of the website, where he refers to one-third of black women in america as ‘jezebel.’

the artwork of the book very clearly plays upon the binary thinking typical of the west, of which the united states of america (refered to by michael as babylon) is a part.

the artwork very clearly displays oprah on the side of evil/ wrong/ the devil/bad/ black (note the black text describing things that this dude is purportedly against) . . . even down to the photo of ms. winfrey (open mouth, hands at the side of her head, not smiling, possibly exclaiming something at the top of her lungs).

in brief, the ideas put forth by the man who calls himself michael warns remind me of every person i’ve ever known who has required treatment for schizophrenia. i’m not saying this to be mean or to have a laugh at his expense (that’s what the relaxed hair comment was for) — it’s apparent to me that something is wrong. following what he’s saying, am i to believe that oprah gail winfrey is the devil and that she has chosen barack obama to do her bidding and lead us all . . . to hell?


i’m sorry, but there’s no fucking way. none. and i’m disappointed in anyone who buys into this. it makes zero sense.

if this dude were on the corner in any major urban center talking about this stuff (in the same way, speaking in abstracts and everything), who’d listen to him? who’d take him seriously? because he has a url and a self-published book and a ustream.com account he’s legit?

i’m not saying that this dude and his crew (who interrupted a barack obama campaign speech just the other day) don’t have the right to talk about what they want

but exactly WHAT the fuck did this dude say/ do to get support from these cats?
they’re anti child support (why?)
they’re staunchly christian, from what i gather (if the men in the group are in alignment with the head of the body, then that’d more or less be the case right?)
they believe in something “traditional,” which from what i can tell is rather ambiguous (they haven’t got a lot of presence on the web and seem not to have put forth any manner of a mission statement) but involves women not voting (suggested by the preface to the book)
it’s just too much like un-set jello
i daresay every last one of these fuckers is out of his mind
so yeah
i wanna thank renee at womanist musings for posting about this
and implore any of you who come across this kind of shit to dismiss it as what it is: a h.a.m sandwich with a thick slice of bullshit cheese, on par with youtube “star” reh dogg’s video showing viewers barack obama’s “true colors.” nonsensical, at best.
thank you, and good night.

i don’t wanna go to bed.

because when i wake up i have to go to work.

i don’t know how to stop thinking i should be exempt from this bullshit.


i’m always hungry at 8:30 pm, even if i’ve had dinner already. i think it’s the pangs of unfulfilled desire, not legitimate hunger. still, i’m about to get into some raspberry sorbet, cuz why not? i bought it to be eaten.

soaking fruit in peach rum for 3 days = yum

changing the lighting in my apartment is doing wonders for my mood

autumn is when i’m most on point

soy really is not my friend. i can’t even do a soy latte these days without some rasclaat fuckery popping off. insert sad face here.

i love chocolate and raspberries together.

i made some potato & kale soup, but had the wrong ratio of greens to liquid. secret weapon: pureed cannelini beans & vegetable stock. HOLLA!

i consistently heart nezua’s blog. such a wealth of good ol unabashed chicanoness. yupper.

it’s about to be hoodie season. joy.

do not look a gift horse in the mouth

do not look a gift horse in the mouth
do not . . .

fuck that
these white ppl who live somewhere in my building or the building next door (same landlord, same big ass back yard) decided they wanted to celebrate the full moon this morning
. . . at 5
before sunrise
by climbing up and down the fire escape with beer and food and shit

why the fuck are you thisclose to my bedroom window
yelling “yoooo” to your friend
like it’s 5 pm
like you’re the only motherfuckers who live here
like nobody matters except you

fuck you
fuck your over privileged, bratty sense of entitlement
i called the landlord
i hope he tells you to stay your ass off the fire escape up here unless there’s a fire, especially since you do not live on my floor
fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
i hope you fall and break your leg or drop your iphone
or get locked out of the building and nobody comes to help you and you get stuck out back w/ the gangs of raccoons and possums who dominate the trash cans in this part of the city


i prayed for this apartment
i work hard to keep my rent paid
i just took a serious blow financially trying to get in this joint
i will not allow some inconsiderate dickhead white boys to fuck it up for me
i’m (totally not) sorry
but i gotta pull your coattails on this one
it is not okay to abuse the amenities of this property
not as long as you have neighbors like me
and the next time you have a loud balcony party i’m gonna let the cops into the yard
cuz thursday nights are not the same thing as friday nights. dickheads.

this morning’s rant was brought to you by our sponsors, the full harvest moon, the impending autumnal equinox, and fela kuti’s “water no get enemy.”


olaomi says that the elders told her to give thanks @ full moons, to observe what has come to fruition.

so let me share my gratitude some:

well-meaning idiots
random warmth this close to autumn
two legs, feet to carry me
bright green nail polish
my own intuition
being able to walk away
serendipitously meeting my (two!!) black neighbors
clean clothes & the laundromats to make them happen
good freebies
my gift of gab
“perfect” eyebrows
summer baldies
ori tutu
the calm of night
autumnal equinox
casa atabex aché
the dead
the living
grown folk
ppl who don’t return calls (they are a gift, trust me)
ppl who call out of nowhere
red wine
making my own toothpaste
home made florida water
iya sade
the women who stood up
those who refuse to apologize

i get so excited

when i have a new commenter.

hi, nezua.
glad you came to visit. i love your blog. deeply. thank you for coming to visit!

for those who aren’t familiar w/ nezua’s blog, go forth and read, especially this entry:

a september remembered

leave the men out of it.

i was reading the healing black womanhood blog (which has some dope stuff, y’all should check it out) and something kinda bothered me.

the blog owner writes about black men in two out of the (as of this date) seven posts on the blog, and though i think understand her efforts as to not only heal black women but the community as a whole, i take something of an issue with this. not because black men don’t matter. it’s the posts themselves. if we’re healing black womanhood, wouldn’t honoring black manhood and discussing why we love black men come towards the end of the steps towards healing?

i cringed while perusing the blog. i am all for healing. i genuinely believe that healing work has to be done in the lives of a lot of women (not black women exclusively). but what some of us have come through and have yet to work through, though it may be or is tied directly to dealings with men, needs to first be discussed in depth and candidly before we jump on the celebration bandwagon. yes, positivity is necessary — but before we give thanks don’t we sometimes have to look at all the fucked up stuff that has gone/ is going on? where’s that part? where’s the part where we say “i don’t like when brothas do this” to ourselves so that we are perfectly clear about what we do not want and are more capable of seeking/ naming what we DO want?

it’s about process for me, not so much content.

i understand that negativity can kill and destroy us. but there’s a difference between expressing genuine facts about the experiences some of us have had so that we can fully release those things to our pasts, so that we aren’t carrying that crap around inside of us. so that we aren’t apologizing needlessly for others.

why is it that so many sistas who want to help us womenfolk in virtually the same breath express adoration of black men like it’s a fucking disclaimer?



it’s a lot more complex than that, and no disclaimer makes it any easier to swallow: we have all hurt each other and are hurting now
there is no magical salve to lay on all of us at once, cuz we all need different things to different degrees

and most importantly
if we ladies are continually trying to rebuild ourselves, how healthy can it possibly be to stop every few minutes and speak on the men, who should be fixing their own shit?

maybe i look too deeply into these things, but analysis has to be the name of the game when you’re talking about fixing broken folks.

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