on: r. kelly, demons, black folk, and gordon gartrell radio.

1) omi gave me the impetus.
2) phonte drove it home here. among other gems, he said ‘the same power structure that says cops can put 50 bullets in a nigga is the same one that tells entertainers it’s okay to piss on lil black girls.’ YUP.
3) that motherfucker is guilty any time his damn attorney offers the ‘little man’ defense as what’s supposed to be a legit means of proving innocence.
4) i’m glad this has actually made it to trial. really.
5) anyone who puts the fault on that little girl would probably have let the motherfucker pee on their grown asses. being in awe of celebrity, being impressionable, and being just plain uninformed of one’s own power are not exclusive to kids.
6) in the first episode of the boondocks, huey asked tom dubois ‘do you know the extent to which niggas love r. kelly?’ and at this point in time i can say: the love was underestimated. it seems like ppl are looking for reasons for it to be okay. it ain’t.
7) i don’t think white ppl give a damn about it. and probably wouldn’t unless it was a white girl he’d peed on. see: kobe.
8) we can’t forget aaliyah. we can’t.
9) the whole trial appears to be a zoo. not a sex zoo. just a regular ass, dysfunction-on-parade zoo.
10) most ppl who talk so much about sex and god (and rarely have subject matter that deviates from either) are mentally damaged. see: bizzy bone, marvin gaye (AND his daddy, i’m sure).

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Diva
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 21:44:00

    a large part of the whole problem is people getting a morality attack after the fact. who was watching this child BEFORE she was turned into robert’s urinal? who allowed her to be alone with a man who married a 15 year old aaliyah on the sneak? folks want justice, they want someone to take responsibility when the damage is done and there’s money to be had.

    call it my soapbox from all the bad parenting i see in the school, but c’mon now. it’s like dudes who get these girls pregnant and say, “yeah but she LOOKED 18…” that and a buck-fifty will land your ass in Rikers.


  2. ms. bliss honeycomb
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 10:05:00

    yup yup

    ridiculousness is afoot.


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