i couldn’t have said it better.

this post is a reflection of what runs through my mind almost constantly when i’m riding public transit during hours that kids are out, or when i enter the gallery to make a purchase or avoid inclement weather outdoors. i feel like a traitor sometimes. i try not to be elitist. i try not to think poorly of poor ppl. but, dammit, these knucklehead kids & the parents who are raising them half-assed if at all . . . what do i do when i, as an HR professional (until further notice), meet these same folks at a job fair and can’t even entertain the idea of trying to recruit them when i know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they’re unemployable?

i’m not saying every one of these buck-wild-in-the-wrong-way kids is gonna grow up to be a total fuckwad.
i’m saying plenty of them are — one is too many, really — and i just don’t wanna be bothered.


it’s enough to make me glad as shit to be a brainiac snob. i know that there’s a lot under all this. i know. i know that there’s dysfunction at play long before any of these little ones even exit the birth canal. but dammit, sometimes i don’t care. i want peace & quiet. i don’t wanna have to sit next to your smelly, cheese-curl-eating-at-seven-thirty-in-the-morning ass. i don’t fucking care if you know all the words to some dipset song. i don’t need to hear if you think j. holiday is sexy as shit — do you even know wtf that means? and pull your fucking pants up. stop with the imitations of what you think languages that aren’t english sound like.


i give up. i’m going to bed. rant over.

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  1. creatrix
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 06:22:00

    girl, why was some dude on the bus last night tough talkin about where he was gonna be & what he was gonna do so somebody…all on some “tell ’em i’ll be up there. don’t worry about when. i’ll be up there tho. and i’m gonna…” blah blah blah. complete w/ various obscenities…


    i had to work to stifle laughter.

    the cheese curls & half n’ halfs in the early AM was something i saw a LOT of when i worked in east baltimore. that’s sad on a whole lot of levels. and probably part of the problem…


  2. Karas
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 09:02:00

    how did i know there’d be something about corn chips or cheese curls in this? lol!

    so familiar.
    so unfortunate.


  3. AlteredThought
    Apr 23, 2008 @ 11:57:00

    That blog is dope. I felt it 100%. I went to school up by where his commute starts and I can assure you, nothing has changed in nearly 2 decades.

    Yo…D.C. area transit is a trip. And of course, I’ve been on Baltimore’s joints for a while now. My goodness. These white cups and flaming hots. This isn’t breakfast eating, man. Folks is lost out this piece and God knows I want to save them all…but at the expense of what though.


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