no way.

70 degrees in january?
you’re playin. i must be dreamin. lord have mercy, it was simply glorious out today!

of course i was out until almost 10 pm.
of course i took a cab home ($11 well spent!)
& of course . . . i’m still up. frontin like i don’t have a 10+ hour day at work tomorrow.

but i had to be thankful for the weather. i had to share that. i’m so rejuvenated by it, even if it is dark at 5 pm every day.

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  1. Dark Daughta
    Jan 10, 2008 @ 05:53:00

    I completely hear you about resisting the gotta go to sleep early and be ready for work in the morning sleep program. Whenever I’ve done corporate or government work, I refused to just go from work to home to sleep only to do it all over again the next morning. It’s despiriting. Then you end up wondering why it is you go to work if you can’t stay awake and do stuff you enjoy in the off time.

    Dark at five? I hear you. Our sleep patterns changed a few days before solstice and are only now just starting to return to normal. We went into hibernation mode and could not get out of bed.

    It’s only now, a few weeks later, that we’re able to sort of function. I think both of us have seasonal depression stuff.

    Stinkapee and the Shmolian do not. :)


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