oh, hell no.


i’m kinda, like… flabbergasted.

please feel free to engage me in discourse in the comments, okay?

there is so much wrong here. so much.

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  1. Dark Daughta
    Nov 03, 2007 @ 19:13:00

    I frame this very purposefully in the following way. Many believe there are causes that supposedly unite us that are so important nothing else matters. Speaking of anything beyond the general upliftment of Black community, Black family and the Black man is all. There is, generally, much too fucking much silence. We tolerate a lot in the name of the cause. We have parked a whole range if issues. We’ve parked the Newark dykes who said NO. We’ve parked babies too young to say no. We’ve parked girl children, wives beaten to a pulp. We’ve parked stalking, We’ve parked homophobia. We’ve parked sex negativity. We’ve parked critiquing christianity and sexual shame. We’ve parked the silencing of wimmin. We’ve parked what we sold in order to get forty acres and a mule. There’s so much parked we often slide into gear and crash. We crash all the time and then we go into individual or collective crisis…a call goes out for reason and for us to unite…which is code for a plea for us to remember the one true cause and shut up about all else. Rape and stalking are epidemic among us all over the world, not just in Africa. I am a victim of indirect stalking by my partner’s brother, a popular, full of status and cred black man. Nothing will ever be done about the damage he has caused to my rep, my career, my alliances because I questioned his heterocentrism and his classism. This shit is tolerated inside our communities. Black men, so supposedly endangered, have full reign to get on stink and to oppress black wimmin, still, so many years after Audre wrote, after Alice wrote, after Angela, bell and all the rest. The cause remains foremost in our minds. Even if this man is punished, he did his damage in a context. The patriarchal, heterocentric, classist environments continue.


  2. sugar rush
    Nov 07, 2007 @ 11:52:00


    i have a myspace contact i should send this to…


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