okay, what the hell is going on here?

after a good two months pass, you decide to make a request to see me? after i was ready to go all the way in, & let go of my idea that the next man i deal with is gonna have to be the permanent mate/ baby maker/ cohabitator deluxe . . . you wanna come over and monopolize my saturday? man, i don’t know about all that. i have shit to do tonight. i haven’t got a whole day to spend with you; i barely have 3 hours of my afternoon. i don’t know about all this sudden . . . interest you have in me. you wanna sniff my neck & play fight on the couch like you haven’t been fucking missing in action for two, almost three months? baby, you must have had a really bad trip or something cuz it doesn’t work like that. none of our mutual friends or associates ever fucking knows where — or more importantly, how — you are. i am not comfortable with that. you sporadically pop up on AIM, or myspace. you don’t respond to my now-defunct weekly e-mails? are you fucking kidding me? a three word response would be fine. don’t be an asshole about this.
look, man . . . i don’t think i’m there anymore. i wanted to sit on my couch and watch a movie w/ you because you’re good to watch movies with. i didn’t ask you to marry me, give me your sperm so i can become a mommy next spring, i didn’t even ask you to be my fucking boyfriend. i simply asked you to be consistent and present. i asked you to be considerate and forthright. if you can’t even do that, then what the blue fuck are we doing?
you don’t meet my needs. you aren’t complete enough to even begin to meet your own. i know you’re hurt, i know there’s a hole in your heart as big is the pacific ocean, but don’t penalize me for that. don’t penalize your mother or your sister for that, either. our mutual friends? they care about you. i care. i think maybe we need to press that button, the reset button, & start all over. at least try to, because it’s too easy for me to just decide to stick my titty in your mouth and let my wet pussy do the talking. because i do miss you, & i do feel very deeply for you. but sex isn’t gonna fix it.
you can’t do everything i need/ want, but i’ll be damned if i waste my time trying to wait for you to get it right. some things you can be taught, but some shit i’m not willing to school you on.
i’d rather be alone.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sugar rush
    Sep 01, 2007 @ 15:10:00

    emotional cripples are never fun.

    sometimes you just have to pray for a person and leave it there. even tho that’s easier said than done…


  2. oyadele
    Sep 02, 2007 @ 22:07:00

    that’s all i’m finna do. screw it.


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