i love | i need | i want

(stole this post idea from teeteezie, whom i lurv & really do not talk to enough)


prince of peace honey ginger crystals. holy hell, this has gotta be the BEST ginger tea yet. i know they sell it at whole foods & random around-the-way health food spots. yes, the main ingredient is cane sugar, but SO WHAT? the ginger is strong in this, son.


more essential oils. so i can make salts, fizzies, and other delicious items. i’m out of lavender, jasmine, eucalyptus, sweet orange (but blood orange is on the way) & peppermint. those are all crucial to what i do. if you wanna contribute, leave a comment. we can work som’n out. aight? aight.

* i also need someone to pay my rent. but that’s some shit i can do and AM doing myself. which is why i need more essential oils.


(really badly)

naturalizer kingsley wedges. i’ve had my eyes on them for a hot minute now (since there was still snow on the ground) & i LOVE them. in brown. black, too, actually. heh.

maybe it’ll happen. soon.

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  1. PretaMulatta
    Jun 29, 2007 @ 14:11:00

    i’m working on some stuff 4 u sugar… crafting with miss oxum & the full moon and we are GETTING what we need!



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