hey, you over there:

being mad at pregnant 15 year olds for being pregnant 15 year olds won’t fix shit. treating them like their lives are over because they have babies at 15 — also not gonna fix shit. clearly, they weren’t aware that it’s not imperative to be screwin w/o a condom. apparently, a sufficient support system may assist these youngins in improving the quality of their lives — baby or no baby. the same applies to many married & unmarried women who begin bearing children early in life. you are not ruined for having had sex, nor are you ruined for having been pregnant, having an abortion, or having a child. you are ruined if you allow yourself to be. fuck that.

someone just reminded me of something. i knew a man once who declared that any woman who was under the age of 30, unmarried & a mother was ‘used goods.’ i think that’s terrible. my mother was legally separated from my father & had given birth to 3 children. plenty women meet those qualifications for whatever reason(s), & to me that doesn’t make them any less human or any less decent. by virtue of biology, plenty women are parenting on their own. let’s look at it like this: you have a womb & you bear the child. fathering a child, biologically anyway, is pretty much taken care of once implantation takes place. not to sound crass, but you motherfuckers get of way easy. being there is optional for y’all. it’s a fact. it’s a lot easier to walk away when your body isn’t changing like that on a daily basis.

i’ll be back to finish this later, reorganize my thoughts, etc. let’s rap about it in the comments, shall we?

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. creatrix
    Apr 19, 2007 @ 18:53:00

    the whole dialogue around the virgin/whore mythology needs to be dealt with, posthaste.


  2. The Diva
    Apr 21, 2007 @ 17:01:00

    not much to deal with in that dialogue. there are too many men who still buy into it and far too many women who pander to it in an effort to find one of said men.


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