for real?

i can only be so mad @ fifty cent for pushin that chick into the pool. (link and video courtesy of c&d and onsmash, respectively).

they were both dead wrong. he for thinking it was okay to put his hands on her, & she for failing miserably at understanding that he told her to bacdafucup. he didn’t laugh her off. i think he tried to be, um, marginally tactful at first. but when he made the smoke signal comment, that shoulda been it. seems like jael was too busy feeling herself to think that dude’s idea of personal space couldn’t possibly apply to her. tsk, tsk.

i think curtis tried to be nice to the girl at first, laugh off her obnoxiousness. but she was clearly grating. putting your hands on someone you don’t effin know is NOT acceptable, under most circumstances . he wasn’t saving her from a herd of stampeding hooved creatures, nor was mr. jackson’s shove intended to get her out of the middle of a fight.

he pushed her into the pool because he thinks it’s okay to do that shit to ppl. not okay. i don’t care if you’re the king of the world; that’s disrespectful.
but when you push folk & disrespect them, that’s what you get — a rash effort to shut you up & sit you down.

& while we’re talkin celebrities & their bullshit . . .

who said mo’nique should instruct the flavorettes on how to be classy? word to sister patterson, these broads are taking their flash in the pan status to the next level.

more serious items tomorrow, probably.

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